Tuesday, July 5, 2016


              Villa des Amis

Taking a walk in the garden can be a revelatory act. 
Or not. 
It depends on my state of mind, awareness, openness, curiosity. It saddens me to see how incurious I can be, moving through a space lost in my own story, thoughts, the next sentence, eager to add something while all around is being lost: the church bells, birdsong, the dying rose bloom, an aunt colony, my own breath, how that arbor is shading the hostas now that the winter months are gone, or that the leaves will fall like ripe fruit as the warmth of the days retreat in favor of another season, the wonderment of how many more seasons I have to appreciate the impermanence that surrounds me, while having a desire that this day last in the face of so much evidence it won’t. Look, there’s a blade of grass leaning in the opposite direction from its neighbors.