Monday, March 15, 2010


I was just in New Zealand and met a man named Peter Beadle. He is an artist and paints these incredible landscapes from this part of the world. I read one of his books where he said that if I stayed there for a few weeks I would "...realize that man’s life, in sickness and in health, is bound up with the forces of nature; and that nature, so far from being opposed and conquered, must rather be treated as an ally and friend, whose ways must be understood, and whose counsel must be respected." I did stay for a few weeks. I hiked 33 miles on the Milford Track where I took these two pictures. One evening my friend Max invited us to share with each other what we were thinking that day as we were marching through this grandeur. The insignificance of mankind could certainly be felt there. The towering peaks, thunderous waterfalls, dense forests with ancient beech, and eerie bird calls, all conspired to shrink me down to a very humble size. The evening star cover was vast, clear and unfamiliar to me. The entire experience left me filled with awe and respect for a planet we call HOME. What was I thinking? I'm not sure really. It had something to do with appreciation. Perhaps appreciation that I am not in control. That something else, some larger energy, is at work in the universe. Something about which I know very little at all. Not knowing is such a relief. Beadle had invited me to understand and respect nature. My respect is there; the understanding may take a lifetime or two.